iPhone 8/7, Curved Silicate Glass, White

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PANZER® Premium Curved Silicate Glass has extra smooth and curved edges, which cover and protect the whole screen without leaving dirt and dust-collecting gaps between the screen protection and display. Made from new and improved silicate glass, which is a whole 60 % stronger and more impact-proof than ordinary 3D curved screen protectors – ensuring extreme protection for your device. PANZER® Premium Curved Silicate Glass has 3D Perfect Fit Edge Protection which protects the display from edge to edge – even where the glass is curved. The silicate glass is 0.33 mm thin, which makes the screen protector as good as invisible. Feels smoother than the phone’s screen and is resistant to greasy finger marks. PANZER® Premium Curved Silicate Glass is covered by Anti-Shatter film, which keeps broken shards in place, should the screen protector pierce. Very easy to fit – no need for glue or fluids.

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