Universal Nano Screen Protection, 150EUR warranty

  • 100% bubble free
  • Including 1-year screen cracking warranty
  • Ultra scratch resistant
  • 9+ hardness
  • Fits all smartphones
  • Fast and easy to apply

PANZER and NANOFIXIT have developed the diamond standard of liquid screen protection. It works as an instant upgrade to your device, as it provides a triple protective layer. The liquid protection has a 9+ hardness and makes your screen ultra scratch resistant – it even kills germs and bacteria actively and reduces harmful radiation. The screen protection comes with a 1-year warranty of 150EUR.



The liquid screen protection is a unique professional coating that works as an instant upgrade to your device. PANZER has developed the screen protection in cooperation with NANOFIXIT who’s received several awards for their groundbreaking products that are both certified, water-based and organic.

The liquid screen protection appears to be invisible while providing a triple protective layer for glass surfaces, and it also protects and enhances the camera lens. The protection has a 9+ hardness and makes your screen ultra scratch resistant, and it actively kills germs and bacteria and reduces harmful cellphone radiation by more than 90%. When you apply the product on your phone, it dries and cures in only 1 minute, and it is easy to keep clean.

The package includes a 1-year screen cracking warranty for a comprehensive coverage for you mobile device’s screen. This means that if your screen breaks, you can claim 150EUR for a replacement. You will find a detailed instruction card inside the packaging or you can register your phone and enroll for the insurance via the app “Nanofixit” or at www.nanofixit.com.

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