About Us

PANZER® is the ultimate screen protector for protecting smartphones or tablets.

The exclusive original PANZER® products are made from high-quality tempered glass, which are professionally processed with shape cutting, precise cutting, multiple polishing, tempering and nano oleophobic electroplating.

PANZER® products comply with REACH and RoHS and we use an ISO 9001:2000-certified factory that has very strict QC systems, checking products from each manufacturing process to ensure final products fulfill highest commitments to quality. PANZER® products are developed in the European Union for the protection of Retina, OLED and HD displays and are mounted easily, quickly and without the use of liquids. Thanks to ultra-thin materials, PANZER® products are perceived as invisible when they are mounted, and thus do not affect the design of the device nor the use of the display.

PANZER® products have been created with one purpose: Ultimate protection!

PANZER® is a registered trademark.