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Don’t forget protection – for your new Apple iPhone

Thanks to the market’s strongest screen protection from PANZER®, your new iPhone can handle anything and save you from costly repairs.

Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, 29 September 2017 – Your smartphone has become one of your most important everyday items and serves not only as a phone but as a means of payment, a social connection, a gaming console, a camera, a mailbox, a photo album and much more.

And yet we still forget to protect our smartphone from life’s knocks, shocks and scratches. A broken screen is not only costly to fix – it also means going without your smartphone while it’s being repaired.

That’s when you’ll wish you had protected your smartphone screen with real safety glass from PANZER®. It only takes a few seconds to fit and if it breaks, it’s easy to replace, which is both quicker and cheaper than a new screen.

PANZER® is currently available for all of the most popular smartphones on the market, as well as a complete collection of screen protectors for the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X from Apple. Choose between six different models:

is the original PANZER® screen protector made from 0.33 mm thin glass, which gives your phone an incredibly strong and almost invisible protection.

is a new, upgraded screen protector from PANZER® made from the crystal clear and ultra strong silicate glass, which is a whole 80 % stronger than the normal PANZER® Premium Tempered Glass.

PANZER® PREMIUM SILICATE GLASS W/APPLICATOR – thanks to a smart fitting solution in this package, the screen protector is even easier and quicker to fit!

PANZER® PREMIUM CURVED GLASS is made from silicate glass and has extra soft edges, which cover and protect the entire screen of your Apple iPhone without leaving dirt and dust-collecting gaps.

PANZER® PREMIUM FULL-FIT GLASS is the brand new innovative and stylish screen protector in silicate glass, which protects the screen from edge to edge – complete with a stylish coloured frame to match your phone.

not only protects your smartphone but also your private life. Thanks to the in-built privacy filter, the screen turns black for everyone else but you, thus preventing nosy neighbours on the train, bus or plane from seeing what you’re doing.

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PANZER® is the ultimate screen protection for your smartphone or tablet. The exclusive, original PANZER® products are made from real glass or ultra strong plastic film, which ensures the best protection for the screen on your unit. All PANZER® products are developed in the EU and designed for Retina-OLED and HD screens and are easy and quick to fit without the need for adhesive or liquids. Thanks to the ultra thin materials PANZER® screen protection is almost invisible once fitted, and therefore doesn’t interfere with the product’s design. All PANZER® products are designed with an eye for: Ultimate protection! ultimate protection!

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Today Aurora Group is a leading distributor of consumer electronics in the Norwegian market, with more than 100 years’ experience and a presence in 10 countries. The distribution is based in a central warehouse in Jönköping and a satellite warehouse in Lilla Edet in Sweden. Internal sales are managed locally, while support and other office functions are based in the head office in Ballerup, Denmark.

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